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  Conveniently located in Bannatynes health club Thomson Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic provides specialist assesments and tailored treatment programmes for all muscular, spinal and sports related injuries.

Telephone: 01738 444567

Are you unable to Enjoy Your Sport and Leisure? Sports injuries can come in may different forms, from a simple bruise to sprains and strains of ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints. They may stop you from playing or participating. They may allow you to play but at a reduced level. They may inhibit you performance. They may seem to settle but then recur at regular intervals when it is least convenient.
Do you know when to rest your injury?
Do you know when to move your injury?
Do you know which exercises to do? How many and when?
Do you know when to ice?
Do you know when to use heat?
Do you know when to see a physiotherapist and when to see your doctor?
Do you know when to take medication?
Do you know when to stretch and when to strengthen?
If you answered No to any of these questions you will almost certainly delay your healing and increase the risk of further injury.

Sports injuries are not solely caused by kicks or falls or twisting. They may occur as a result of repetitive overuse or stretch. If this is the case we will provide a biomechanical assessment to identify the underlying cause - you may be surprised at the real reason behind your stubborn or recurrent injury.
You will receive thorough assessment and treatment by a clinical specialist physiotherapist The nature of your problem will be explained to you We will apply effective and appropriate treatment We will advise what you can do to help If we can't help we will direct you to the most appropriate professional who can.
Evening and weekend appointments
Flexible appointment times
Home Visits
Free information leaflets on request
Free telephone advice
We are recognised by all major insurance companies

Assessment and Treatment - 40
Subsequent Treatment - 30
  Thomson Physiotherapy.